Nothing like getting out at 1230 in the morning and realizing you definitely haven’t eaten enough today.  We’ve all been there.  Starving.  Hoping some magical meal will appear in front of us.  Knowing the only real options consist of drive thrus and dollar menus.  Off to Taco Hell it is.  Big Mac combo meal with a Diet Coke.  5 Piece Chicken Nugget and a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger.

It tastes so good.  You scarf it down like you haven’t eaten in weeks.  You feel satisfied.  And then…it hits.  That lump in your gut.  The acid in your chest. The shame, oh the shame.  You know almost immediately upon completion that you’ve done yer body wrong.  Over the next few hours (depending on how quick your metabolism is) you’ll find yourself saying “Why did I do that?”  You’ll also find yourself getting real acquainted with the restroom.  (Bonus Lady Lesson,  the best place to store your puzzle books is in a bathroom cabinet!)

Every time.  It happens every time.  If it doesn’t, it’s because your body is used to this type of food.  Or “food” I should say.  There are plenty of articles detailing the contents of fast “food”, peruse at your own risk.  So when does it end?

Lady Lesson # 6: Food Flashback

Last time you ate Taco Bell, did you jump for joy?  Last time you ate a combo meal from McDonald’s, did you feel like a million bucks? Last time you dipped your fries into a Frosty, did you wake up feeling light and airy?

If the answer is yes then kudos!  I’m happy for you.  If the answer is no, as it is for me, then it may be time to reevaluate your late night eating habits.  Now I know I’m picking on fast food because it’s most readily available late at night and usually causes the most upset, but this can apply to restaurants and food you prepare at home, day or night.

Food Flashbacks come in handy when you are hungry but faced with less than wonderful options.  I’d been eating a lot of late night Italian food because Little Toni’s is the only non fast food, non Denny’s restaurant open past 11.  I would go to bed with a heavy lump of pasta and cheese in my belly, wake up feeling terrible, and be frustrated that I was sluggish and icky feeling for the next few days.  I finally made the choice to prevent  that horrible feeling from returning.  All it took was asking “is it worth it” before deciding.  The answer is usually no.

The long and short of it is if you want to feel good in your body, and I’m talking really good, you’ve got to put good things in it.   You’ve got to learn from your food mistakes.  Realize that, especially late at night, no food is better than bad food.  I’m not even talking about weight here, I’m just talking about the sheer joy of feeling like a million bucks and not being bogged down by cheese and fries. I feel so much more energized and light when I opt out of the quick food fix.  Bonus, I never even crave fast food anymore, though sometimes I could kill a man for some chili cheese fries.

Look, I just got out of a show and I haven’t had enough to eat today.  I’m starving,  but I’m not going to give in and get Jack in the Box.  The temporary discomfort of being hungry is far better than the alternative and if you really can’t handle it, go to sleep.  I’ll let my body work it’s magic while I sleep and treat myself to a wonderful, large breakfast tomorrow.  My body will thank me.  You do the same and your body will thank you.

Oh god.  I’m so hungry. Foooooooooooood…


I guess I should eat this Taco BellImage

Oh god.  Why?  Why did I do this to myself?!

ImageThat’s always how it happens.  Remember.

-Jadey Lady

*Update-I’m not condoning not eating, so please do not misconstrue what I’m saying.  Not eating will make you hangry (so hungry you’re angry) and isn’t good for you.  I’m just saying, fill your body up with foods that will make you feel awesome :-)*