It’s almost 7PM on Tuesday and I am sitting in my room, staring at the pictures and words of encouragement on my ever growing Inspiration Wall, listening to 60’s Folk Radio Pandora.  Stairway to Heaven is at its peak and my Jack Daniels is kicking in.  I have been so inspired today.  I accomplished everything on my To Do list, I even got a nap in.  I’ve found myself sitting at my desk, more energized than I have felt in the past few weeks, more creatively available than ever.  I took charge of this day! And now, I’m ready to appreciate every moment I’ve had today.  

I am thankful for the people who inspire me and encourage me. I am thankful for Pandora for always knowing what I want to listen to.  I am thankful for incense and candles and warm oils that make my room smell like apple pie!  I am thankful for my space heater, without which, I would probably stay in bed all day.  I am thankful for Jack Daniels (in moderation).  I am thankful for Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger tea! I am thankful for so many things and, while they are small, they all have contributed to the wonderful, wonderful day I’ve had getting to know myself.  Feeling content and happy in my space?  Right now? The greatest feeling in the world.

What’s a beautiful life if you don’t appreciate it?

Lady Lesson #28: Be Appreciative!

Big or small, it don’t matter.  There are so many things to be thankful for, if you take the time to look.


-Jadey Lady

PS-I’m very thankful for you, loyal Lady Lessons reader.  There are many blogs for you to choose.  Thank you for choosing mine.