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Do you journal?  Do you do it in a sketchbook?  No?  Perhaps you should.  It really gives you so much freedom.  Can’t put what you’re feeling into words?  It’s okay!  Sketchbook Journal understands that sometimes you just feel colors and shapes.

The other day, I was showing a friend of mine the joys of sketchbook journaling, so I let her browse through my journal from last year.  Now, I’m sitting there, terrified she’s going to think I’m this crazy, super negative person.  But strangely enough, the opposite happened.  She managed to pick up on only the uplifting things.  The quotes that inspired me.  The love notes written by my ex and my friends.  The positive encouragement I gave myself when I was mad at myself.  Then she pointed out that I had written out my goals a few times.  We went through them and realized that I have actually achieved a lot more than I thought.  Needless to say, I’ve been celebrating ever since!

Lady Lesson #29: Look At How Far You’ve Come! 

Looking back at this journal that basically chronicled the whole year of 2012 was an eye opening experience.  I remember, in detail, writing most of my entries.  I could tell you what was going on, how I was feeling, where I was sitting.   And let me tell you, I had my bursts of positivity and optimism, but I really only tended to write when I was discontent or creating alter-egos to cope with my discontent.  So I worried that this journal would paint a picture of an unbalanced, negative maniac.

But it took someone else to point out to me that I actually had a lot of positive energy bubbling beneath the surface.  I would start to beat myself up and mid rant, I’d switch and write all the little things I was happy about (going along with last night’s Jack Daniel’s infused entry).  I wrote “I’m happy the sun is shining” at least 10 random times throughout the journal.  I had many rants, but what stood out (I mean literally stood out because I would place them on pages by themselves, or write them in a bold color) were the positive nuggets of wisdom.  All of the negativity faded into the background and now, my journal has become a guidebook for my life.  I can easily see what I learned from my experiences and I can see how I laid the foundation for who I want to become.  I planted the seeds in 2012 and over a year later, after countless mistakes (many repeated a few times), I am starting to see the fruits of my vision.

For example, this was written February 25th, 2012:Image
 haven’t looked at this until the other day but I have almost all of this!  
-Confidence and intelligence? Yes
-A puppy? Not technically mine, but I got to be baby Jack the pitbull’s mama
-Write something? I actually have a few scripts started
-New car? Well, no…but Sheldon’s got a new transmission.  That’s basically the same right?
-Dancing career? I did a dance show this summer where I got to choreograph and now I’m working on a show with Flamenco 
-Experience? Uh…f*ck yeah.  Jesus.  You can take some of it back.
-Physical Strength and Flexibility? I can do one and a half pull-ups!  And the splits!
-Fearlessness when singing? When I’m by myself, I’m at 95% fearlessness, on stage 67%.  Much higher than the 0% of yesteryear.
-New wardrobe and hair? Check and check
-To reach my full potential? I’m getting there
-A new approach to eating? Yeah!  I eat what I want and it makes me happy.  I’ll just do some squats or something.  Half a pull up. 
-Makeup skills? Ho buddy yes!  
-Willpower and focus? My new friends.  We drift apart sometimes, but we’re closer than ever
-Acting career? Well, I’m in a show I adore and I’ve got another show lined up in the new year.  I’ve got some good opportunities and projects ahead.  So yeah, I’m thinking yes.
-Grown up looking apartment? Yes!  Thank you Lauren and Melissa.  Once I get my grownup income I can pay you back, I promise!
-Stable income/finances? Everything is starting to come together! I’m a few months away from stable
-Positive outlook? You bet your sweet a**!
-Love? Abundant amounts.  Especially for myself.

I couldn’t appreciate how far I’ve come because I have been too caught up in how far I have left to go.  But look!  I’ve actually achieved a lot

So before you beat yourself up that you aren’t famous and rich yet, look at where you started and pat yourself on the back for getting as far as you have.  

Until next time!

-Jadey Lady


I’ve been slacking this weekend.  I’m ashamed to admit “Kill Will” was not my mantra.  My mantra of choice was more like “Pace Around The Apartment Some More!”  You see, I was overwhelmed and I didn’t know what to do so of course I started pacing, because that always clears your head right?  Little did I know, pacing just reinforced the anxiety I was feeling about not getting things accomplished.  So I was on this endless anxiety loop all weekend.  

That loop stalled me.  I allowed my uncertainty of the next step to overpower me and lost an entire weekend.  The problem I see now is that I was thinking too broadly.  I have this big picture goal in my head and I see it.  It’s this shining beacon of hope, like seeing the castle at the end of a level in Super Mario Bros.  But I have no idea how to get there!  I want to get there right away and on the first try, but when I don’t see how I get frustrated and end up thinking myself into a coma.

Lady Lesson # 12: Take Smaller Steps

My horoscope is freakishly accurate on a regular basis.  Today is no joke.



Step One: Get out of bed.  Step Two: Get out of the house.  Step Three: Start crossing off my to do list.  Seems much more manageable than simply working towards my life goal without any direction doesn’t it?  One step always leads to the next.

Take the next step.  The next step might be as small as tying your right shoe after you’ve tied your left one.  It seems obvious that that would be the next step, but that’s okay.  Think of it as getting a freebie!  If you have a goal in mind, be it buying a boat, cleaning your apartment or becoming best friends with Beyonce, look for the obvious next step and take it.  You don’t have to put that boat in your driveway first thing.  Open up your laptop, Google buying a boat.  You don’t have to clean the whole apartment in one fell swoop, you’d lose your mind.  Start in a corner, straighten up that area, move to the next small area until eventually the whole place is clean.  You don’t have to be Blue Ivy’s godmother just yet. Google Beyonce’s entourage, “run into them” at Starbucks every day, let your charming personality take it from there.  When you break it down into smaller steps, the goal becomes more manageable and attainable.

Taking the next step also frees you from your head.  Bonus Lady Lesson, your head is an absolutely terrible place to be.  It is the ultimate saboteur.  Don’t put so much pressure on what you have to do that you sit there and think and think and think about how you’re going to get it done. That’s how I drive myself insane.  That’s how I lose days. Sometimes you just gotta start by tying your shoes.  Eventually, the ball will start rolling and you will be clear headed enough to handle whatever is thrown your way.  

Also, pacing wears you out and leads to napping.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.

-Jadey Lady