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Do you journal?  Do you do it in a sketchbook?  No?  Perhaps you should.  It really gives you so much freedom.  Can’t put what you’re feeling into words?  It’s okay!  Sketchbook Journal understands that sometimes you just feel colors and shapes.

The other day, I was showing a friend of mine the joys of sketchbook journaling, so I let her browse through my journal from last year.  Now, I’m sitting there, terrified she’s going to think I’m this crazy, super negative person.  But strangely enough, the opposite happened.  She managed to pick up on only the uplifting things.  The quotes that inspired me.  The love notes written by my ex and my friends.  The positive encouragement I gave myself when I was mad at myself.  Then she pointed out that I had written out my goals a few times.  We went through them and realized that I have actually achieved a lot more than I thought.  Needless to say, I’ve been celebrating ever since!

Lady Lesson #29: Look At How Far You’ve Come! 

Looking back at this journal that basically chronicled the whole year of 2012 was an eye opening experience.  I remember, in detail, writing most of my entries.  I could tell you what was going on, how I was feeling, where I was sitting.   And let me tell you, I had my bursts of positivity and optimism, but I really only tended to write when I was discontent or creating alter-egos to cope with my discontent.  So I worried that this journal would paint a picture of an unbalanced, negative maniac.

But it took someone else to point out to me that I actually had a lot of positive energy bubbling beneath the surface.  I would start to beat myself up and mid rant, I’d switch and write all the little things I was happy about (going along with last night’s Jack Daniel’s infused entry).  I wrote “I’m happy the sun is shining” at least 10 random times throughout the journal.  I had many rants, but what stood out (I mean literally stood out because I would place them on pages by themselves, or write them in a bold color) were the positive nuggets of wisdom.  All of the negativity faded into the background and now, my journal has become a guidebook for my life.  I can easily see what I learned from my experiences and I can see how I laid the foundation for who I want to become.  I planted the seeds in 2012 and over a year later, after countless mistakes (many repeated a few times), I am starting to see the fruits of my vision.

For example, this was written February 25th, 2012:Image
 haven’t looked at this until the other day but I have almost all of this!  
-Confidence and intelligence? Yes
-A puppy? Not technically mine, but I got to be baby Jack the pitbull’s mama
-Write something? I actually have a few scripts started
-New car? Well, no…but Sheldon’s got a new transmission.  That’s basically the same right?
-Dancing career? I did a dance show this summer where I got to choreograph and now I’m working on a show with Flamenco 
-Experience? Uh…f*ck yeah.  Jesus.  You can take some of it back.
-Physical Strength and Flexibility? I can do one and a half pull-ups!  And the splits!
-Fearlessness when singing? When I’m by myself, I’m at 95% fearlessness, on stage 67%.  Much higher than the 0% of yesteryear.
-New wardrobe and hair? Check and check
-To reach my full potential? I’m getting there
-A new approach to eating? Yeah!  I eat what I want and it makes me happy.  I’ll just do some squats or something.  Half a pull up. 
-Makeup skills? Ho buddy yes!  
-Willpower and focus? My new friends.  We drift apart sometimes, but we’re closer than ever
-Acting career? Well, I’m in a show I adore and I’ve got another show lined up in the new year.  I’ve got some good opportunities and projects ahead.  So yeah, I’m thinking yes.
-Grown up looking apartment? Yes!  Thank you Lauren and Melissa.  Once I get my grownup income I can pay you back, I promise!
-Stable income/finances? Everything is starting to come together! I’m a few months away from stable
-Positive outlook? You bet your sweet a**!
-Love? Abundant amounts.  Especially for myself.

I couldn’t appreciate how far I’ve come because I have been too caught up in how far I have left to go.  But look!  I’ve actually achieved a lot

So before you beat yourself up that you aren’t famous and rich yet, look at where you started and pat yourself on the back for getting as far as you have.  

Until next time!

-Jadey Lady


It’s been a while friends!  And while there is a small amount of guilt in my heart for not writing, there is an even greater amount of joy and elatedness coursing through my veins.  You see, I’ve adopted a few new habits that have brought me to the next stage of my personal growth and evolution.  I’ve learned so many little things that it’s hard to put this entry into one distinct lesson.  But if I could sum it up it would be this:

Lady Lesson #27: Nurture Yourself!

Now I may have said this before, but it is so relevant in my life right now.  Over the past few weeks I’ve really taken the time to accept myself, learn about myself and use that knowledge to blossom into the magnificent being that I am.  The first step for me was to really step back and take some time to be by myself.  At first, that meant watching copious amounts of The Vampire Diaries and browsing my newsfeed every 10 minutes.  Those activities pulled me further away from myself, strangely enough, and by strangely enough I mean I’m not surprised at all.

When I realized how drained I felt from being by myself in that unfulfilling way, I went back to wanting to hang out with people.  That didn’t feed me either as I found myself drowning in self-generated negative energy.  I finally saw that I wasn’t ready to be out in the world around everyone, especially those closest to me, if I couldn’t be a beacon of positivity.  So I decided to spend some time with myself and really, spend some time with me.  Not the computer, not the phone.

I started making to do lists with specific, small tasks that I was happy to do.  If I didn’t get something done, I didn’t beat myself up, I just used it as motivation to do better tomorrow.  I started writing out my life vision every morning and posting it on my wall as a reminder of why I’m doing what I’m doing.
I started transforming my room into an inspiration haven by posting positive affirmations and images of people, places and things (it’s strange to just call them nouns right?) that I want in my life.  Hell, I’ve been imagining my dream house every morning, specifically the kitchen, living room and sun deck.  I found real estate listings with pictures eerily similar to my imagined home.  So those are going up on the wall, no doubt.

My affirmations:
I wrote myself a nice big check for 100 Grand.  Just to get in the habit of the big paydays you know.Image 
I see this right when I wake up!  Monte Carlo and winning an Oscar.  How can I not be inspired for the rest of the day?Image

I have spent more time imagining the life I want than I ever have and I am so happy with myself.  Just me.  I feel that my happiness is not tied to anyone else and it’s because I’ve taken the time to be by myself and support myself and surround myself with inspiration and goodness.  I’ve been reading books like A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle and The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.  Unlike Facebook, these books feed my growth and it’s real easy to stay on track if your free time is spent watching or reading things that support you in your journey.  I watched The Secret on Netflix instead of an episode of Family Guy.  I learned about the Law of Attraction and boom!  There I was making my vision wall.  There I was watching First Position, a documentary about the largest youth ballet competition in the world, instead of browsing through another Buzzfeed list of 21 Gifs To Waste Your Life Away On.  I became so inspired I broke out my pointe shoes and started to choreograph.  *Word to the wise, a few years out of toe shoes will render your feet kind of useless.  This wasn’t my best idea.  My toes are still bruised.* Long story short, inspiration begets inspiration.

I visited places that I’d always wanted to go to like the Getty Center.  I conquered my fear of going to Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood (all the celebrities rehearse there, it’s no big deal) and realized that I was in much better dancing shape than I knew.  I auditioned for Disneyland Paris because, why not? I trusted that the choices I was making were the right ones and it outweighed any fear I had.  

I am so confident right now because I can see that I’m on the right path and it’s because I took the time to seek it and to allow it to happen.  I’m following my instincts.  I’m holding myself accountable.  I’m standing up for myself.  I’m following my inspiration.  I’m following my joy.  And it’s because I am finally, truly nurturing myself by taking in only the good.

I’ve found myself grinning wildly for no reason saying “today is amazing!  Thank you Universe!”  I’ve found myself looking in the mirror and saying “I love you!  You are beautiful!  You have so many opportunities and so much potential.  I love you!” And it’s real!  

So a bit of a long one today, but it’s been a long month with a lot of growth.  Thank you for spending a moment with me today.  Go off and find your inspiration!  Tell me about it!  I’m in a sharing mood.  

Until next time.  Love love love.

-Jadey Lady



The end.

Just kidding.  But seriously folks, this is one of the simplest life concepts to grasp.  Loving yourself is the first, if not the most important step towards happiness.  It is also the biggest hurdle to overcome.  Just ask me!  

Lady Lesson #25: Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

I am so, freaking mean to myself.  We all know how easily I beat myself up.  I am quick to judge, especially when I’ve made a mistake or failed.  I am very quick to chastise myself and make sure I’m good and punished, yet it’s like choking on nails to tell myself I’m beautiful, or smart.  

Somewhere along the way, I allowed my inner light to dim.  I thought humility was polite and courteous.  “Thank you for the compliment, but you’re mistaken.  Here’s this other problem I’ve invented to prove it to you.”  I got in the habit of putting myself down because I didn’t want to come off as cocky, or arrogant.  I wanted people to like me, so that of course meant staying as far away from arrogance as possible.  Over the years, I’ve grown quiet and diminutive.  I’ve started believing all of the bad things I say about myself.  And now, I hold myself back from many of my hopes and dreams because my confidence is buried beneath the years of “humility.”

In the last year especially, I’ve learned that that sh*t’s gotta stop.  Yesterday.  I live in Los Angeles.  I’m competing with everyone and I’m not even my biggest fan.  What kind of position does that put me in?  Last place from the get-go.  The odds are definitely not in my favor.

My friend had a birthday party and there was this guy who was just dancing his badonk off.  He was absolutely intoxicating to watch.  I tried to figure out what was so special about him and it was definitely his confidence, but equally important was the love he had for himself.  He got a kick out of watching himself in the mirror, he almost had a flirtatious quality, like “yeah, I see you.”  To himself! It was amazing.  Later, when I talked to him he said that he had spent hours in front of the mirror, working on dance moves and praising the things he liked.  He loved his hips and his stomach, so he would practice hip isolations, simply because he liked watching himself.  

I was always the girl in ballet class who avoided the mirror because I hated the way I looked.  I missed out on so many learning opportunities because I was unkind to myself.  I’ve started doing flamenco dancing for a show I’m in and I’ve approached it in a completely open and loving way.  After meeting the dancer, I realized that the only way the technique would look good on me was if I focused on what I loved about myself doing it.  It made a world of difference!  I wish I could convey the powerful feeling I got from just loving what I was doing.  It’s indescribable.

Confidence and self-appreciation is key.  How do you expect to reach any goals if you don’t believe you can do it?  And I mean, truly believe.  Truly, deeply, feel it in your bones, not-even-a-bad-morning-could-shake-you belief.  That’s the type of love that is most important in your life.  The love you have for you.

I woke up this morning and was prepared to  berate myself for all of the things I haven’t accomplished.  For the first time, I stopped myself.  I said “you are not getting out of this bed until you say something nice!”  So I did that.  I complimented myself.  I gave myself a hug.  I looked at uplifting quotes and images.  I even felt compelled to share with a friend.  I feel so much better than I have in recent months and it’s because I made it a priority to start the day off from a place of love and care.  I’ve only been awake for 90 minutes, but I already feel great.  I looked in the mirror and said “you’re beautiful” instead of picking apart my face or judging my body.  I am seeing the positives.  It’s a freaking miracle and I love it.

It’s not easy.  At least it isn’t for me.  I’ve gotten along for so long putting myself down that it feels like a complete lie when I say “I love myself.”  “I appreciate myself.”  “I am a worthwhile human being.”  The hardest part about loving myself is that nothing is getting in my way other than me and my mind.  It’s such a simple command, believe in yourself, but have you ever tried to change your way of thinking?  It’s tough.

But it’s necessary.  

When you stop beating yourself up, you stand a chance at becoming your best self and that is a person everyone can love.


-Jadey Lady

When I am in the zone, I am an unstoppable machine!  I’m like The Bride in Kill Bill and the tasks on my to do list are The Crazy 88.  Image
We all know how satisfying that epic fight sequence is to watch.  I get that same satisfaction when I accomplish lots of things.  

When I am not in the zone, I am an unmovable force of laziness.  

No matter how hard I think “I should be doing something other than watching Orange is the New Black until I reach the end of the season,” I end up doing just that.  What’s worse, I pretend that finishing up this season is the end of my laziness, like they didn’t just upload a a new season of Portlandia.  Secret: It NEVER ends.

Lady Lesson #17: An object in motion will stay in motion, an object at rest will choose Netflix over productivity.

Now this lesson is much more universal than its title implies.  What I’m learning is I will do whatever I am accustomed to doing until I consciously make the effort to change my habit.  If I’m in the habit of waking up at 630AM, stretching, making some tea, reading a bit and having a blog posted by 8AM, I will do that every morning, no problem.  If I’m accustomed to being super tired all day and not knowing what to do besides pace from my bedroom to my kitchen trying to avoid eating something every 20 minutes, I will do that.  Every 20 minutes.

The same goes for my mental state.  If I’m feeling genuinely happy and motivated, my actions and thoughts will reflect that.  If I’m having a bad moment, there goes a good two weeks of my life being depressed, complaining about it and not doing anything to change it.

If I’m in the habit of going to the gym on a regular basis and making healthy choices nutritionally, it’s easy!  If I’ve let myself order a pizza (or four, as I did while I was home for my sister’s wedding-Donato’s Pizza-it’s like crack) or have a heap of ice cream (or four, as I did while I was home for my sister’s wedding-Jeni’s Ice Cream-it’s like crack) then suddenly that is my norm.  My habit is choosing food that’s bad for me even though it tastes like angels singing in my mouth.

I’m currently recovering from my trip.  I’ve been home a week now, and I’m still suffering the consequences.  I wasn’t disciplined at all with my diet, my workout, my liver or my work ethic.  Hell, I only wrote one post the whole two weeks I was there, but I did watch a lot of Bones!  Now, it was absolutely wonderful to spend time with my family and to eat boatloads of Columbus’ finest cuisine, but I see now that I used my vacation as an excuse to get off track and I am paying the price.  

Getting out of this sloth mode I’ve settled into has been an uphill battle, but I’m taking my steps.  In the week since I’ve been home, I’ve been to several classes, 2 successful job interviews, 1 successful meeting with an manager, and I’ve busted my butt at the gym to work off those pizzas.  Do I still spend time sitting around wandering what to do?  Yes, but that’s because I haven’t come up with a plan for myself.  That’s my next step!

I know with me, when I fall off the rails, I fall hard.  I’m learning that I really need to stay the course because my willpower sucks when I’m not getting things accomplished.  I’m paying attention to my triggers.  What are the things that really get me motivated?  What are the excuses I’m making to justify my restful habits?  What are the roadblocks to productivity I keep encountering? (Netflix.  The answer is Netflix.  We are all guilty.) 

The older I get, the more accountable I have to be for myself.  The only one who can take me from sloth mode to Yakuza slayer is me.  So I’ll start climbing back up that awesome hill.

…after this episode ends.

-Jadey Lady



I don’t want to write.  I haven’t wanted to write since my last post.  But the thought of leaving this page so stagnate has been nagging at me since then.  I mean seriously nagging at me.  The longer I’ve put off writing for whatever reason, the more I think about how terrible of a blogger I am.  This blog was an exciting new journey for me and over the course of a few weeks, it’s become another one of my unfinished projects.  It’s become something I dread thinking about because I dwell on my inactivity when the more efficient choice would have been to shut up and write.

Lady Lesson # 16: Close Your Apps!

Before I sat down to write this, I was pacing around my room debating whether or not I wanted to.  “I don’t have anything to write about”.  “My readers have lost interest”.  “I’ve missed the blog boat and it ain’t turning around this time!”  I came up with a million excuses as to why I couldn’t do it.  Funnily enough, none of them really meant anything and I ultimately decided to just sit down and write.

It is easy, and I mean really easy to make up reasons for not doing something.  Hell, I make up reasons why I can’t cook dinner.  “Well, all of the forks have disappeared and pizza is the only thing that doesn’t require silverware!”  True story.  I will sit there and talk myself out of anything, especially if it inconveniences me or worse, takes me out of my comfort zone.  Where’s the life in that?  

So now that I’ve talked myself out of anything ranging from putting in a service request for my shower that has no water pressure to calling back my new friend I promised to grab drinks with, where am I?  I’m worried.  I’m thinking “I should do blah blah”.  I’m dirty and lonely, at least in this case.  My mind is cluttered with what a friend of mine refers to as programs.  Think of an iPhone.  If you don’t close each application when you’re done it’ll keep running and eventually your camera stops taking pictures because there isn’t enough space.  We’ve all been there.  Each task I put off, no matter how small, is another program running in the background, slowing down my processing speed.

The solution, which I’m still adjusting to, is to just get things done.  The more I put them off, the more cluttered I am and the less efficiently I work.  The tasks I debate the most about are the ones that need the most attention.  Getting back into writing has been a big one for me.  I put it off and put it off and made excuses until I got to this stressed, fearful point.  Writing this blog is something I really do enjoy.  If tasks I enjoy put me in a stressful place, imagine how cluttered I must be with the things I really don’t want to do.  

Get it done.  If it’s something you’re trying hard to talk yourself out of but it still nags at you, then that’s the thing that needs to be finished ASAP.  Close the programs, clear your head!  Is this my favorite blog post?  Not necessarily, but I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders for jumping back in here, knowing the next time will be easier.  

Welcome back!

-Jadey Lady


I woke up this morning with a nice big knot in my left shoulder.  The kind that hits you in your chest and your shoulder blade and sends tingles to your fingertips and makes it slightly painful to tilt your head to the left.  You know, the one that’s been aching for the past year even though I can’t quite pinpoint the injury that started it.  

I woke up this morning and tried to stretch.  My left hip decided it wasn’t having any of that.  My leg wasn’t having it either.  It made it’s presence known with one tendon stretched so tight it threatened to snap.  The odds of that happening were very slim, but that’s not a theory to test on a Wednesday morning.  Now I know what injury caused it, what I don’t know is when I lost the ability to work through it.

I woke up this morning and took a good look in the mirror.  Upon close inspection, I discovered tiny freckles where crow’s feet will plant themselves.  I discovered laugh lines where smooth skin should be.  I discovered dark circles under my eyes where there were none before.  Thank God I didn’t have one of those 10X magnification mirrors or else I would have been planted there for hours picking at my face, realizing that I’m getting older.

Hi, I’m Jade and I’m aging.

Lady Lesson #13: Your Body Will Betray You!

My body started noticeably changing around 23.  I’d been out of school for a year, which meant I had been out of dancing for a year.  Let me tell you, 17 years worth of dance damage will catch up to you fast if you stop cold.  When you’re dancing and using those muscles every day, you don’t notice any pain, but when you stop, it’s like the Tin Man taking a bath.  You get rusty.

When my body decided to start seizing up and ache all the time, I noticed my skin was changing.  The texture was different, coarser.  The same went for my hair.  I noticed the veins in my legs were looking a little brighter than usual.  I didn’t know what caused it, but I didn’t like it and I desperately wanted to change it.

Here’s the thing though, aging happens.  It will happen to everyone. You cannot change that.  The people who try to end up being Joan Rivers.  Seriously, I saw a woman who looked like Steven Tyler last night.  I don’t think that’s what she’s going for.  The key is to accept that aging is inevitable and to not hate yourself for doing it.  It’ll come quicker than you expect, but it’s not gonna stop.  So become friends with it and move on.

But we are not powerless!  I learned quickly that this is my body and it’s the only one I’ll ever have.  I’ll be damned if I don’t age well.  I’ve been working with what I got.  I’m aching a lot.  So I stretch a lot and dance again.  I’ve got an “old lady hip” that catches when I walk and pops when I do high kicks to the front.  So I focus on loosening those muscles.  I get really tight in the morning.  So I exercise a little bit every day.  My metabolism is changing.  So I’m changing my eating habits.  My skin is being a little biatch! So I take care of it.  I wash my face at night after taking off my makeup (something I NEVER did) and make sure I use good skincare products.  I floss every night and brush my teeth twice a day because I don’t want to be the person whose teeth fall out someday.  

I feel so much better about myself when I take the steps to care for my body.  They seemed like chores before (seriously, I never took my makeup off) but now I see that they are just the maintenance tools I need to age gracefully.  I know I’m young, but it’s never too early to start paying attention.  

Like I said, your body will betray you and it will keep doing it until you die.  You may wake up and not recognize yourself.  You can pout about it, or you can be proactive and work with what you’ve got to create the best possible life for yourself.

Hi, I’m Jade and I’m aging.  NBD.

-Jadey Lady

Or at least how to avoid being miserably poor.  This post is hard for me.  I have developed such a negative association with money that the thought of even talking about it makes me want to hurl.  No joke, my stomach is tightening up right now.

Last night, I had a dream.  I was in this fitness apparel store (something like Lululemon, but way cooler) and there was a dress I wanted.  I went to buy it, along with a few other items (I’m a sucker for a great sports bra) and  the clerk said it would be about $600 dollars.  “For a hundred dollars more you can get a pack of socks!”  All of a sudden I was surrounded by women whipping out their credit cards, throwing down thousands of dollars for glorified sweatpants.  And I was left alone, rent money in hand, but no awesome sports bras, loungey dresses or overpriced socks.

That is my kind of nightmare.  

despise talking about money.  I don’t have any.  It’s not a fun topic of conversation.  But I want so many things!  That means that money is a problem that needs to be addressed.  I don’t want to talk about it, but I do want to be able to walk into a store, buy whatever I want, and not look at price tags.

Lady Lesson #10: Being Broke Ain’t Cute

For me, being broke is the ultimate stressor.  As soon as I sense my emptying bank account, my entire demeanor shifts.  I am worried and agitated, I’m super sensitive (especially if someone asks me about finding a job) and I often end up crying about it at some point.  Gone are the days of frivolity and joy.  Now comes the suffering!   Now comes the scrimping and staying at home!  Now comes the ramen noodles!

Firstly, ramen noodles are not food and should never be consumed.  Seriously, it’s better to starve than to eat that styrofoam, even though sometimes it tastes like childhood and heaven.  Secondly, it doesn’t have to be that way.  It really doesn’t.

Jadey Lady’s Money Tips (That she doesn’t always use but would greatly benefit from)

-Educate yo’ self: If things haven’t been working out for you, try a new approach. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki is a surprisingly fun read and points out the habits that poor people have and how they hinder the growth of their bank accounts.  The Money Book for the Young Fabulous & Broke by Suze Orman is catered to college kids and post graduates.  She explains how to budget, how credit works, how credit screws us over and benefits us.  Everything you ever wanted to know about something you never really wanted to know about.

Image-Seriously, read the books: It’s one thing to buy the books.  Read them.  It will only help you.  Bonus tip, if your dad tells you to read Rich Dad Poor Dad when you’re 14, you should probably do it instead of waiting til you’re at the end of your rope at 24.

-Always have a job that is consistent: I quit my job as a server because I was miserable.  I decided to dress up as Princess Jasmine on Hollywood Boulevard.  


The first day was great, but then I quickly learned that the money was inconsistent and the people treated me like a homeless person.  (In Vegas, I’m a queen, but I could never live there.  It’s uninhabitable).  I dreaded putting on my costume and now here I am, unable to support myself.  Take that leap of faith, quit your job, and you’ll probably reach the same conclusion.  Don’t quit unless you’ve got something stable lined up.

Have fun!: Now that I’m on the job search again, I’m really getting creative.  What other ways can I generate an income?  How can I get a job in the field that I want?  What are my strengths and how can I use them?  I want to be out of the rat race.  How am I going to get to that point?  So get that day job because money makes the world go round.  It’s not good or bad, it’s just fact.  Accept it and work with it.  Use your spare time, get creative.  When you find that new avenue that excites you, going to your day job will be easy.  It’ll motivate you to keep working hard so you eventually don’t have to.  

Get inspired:  Instead of listening to the radio which is pretty much crap anyways, take advantage of all of those free Podcasts.  With just a basic search, you are bound to find one you connect with.  Life’s too short to listen to “Don’t Drop That Thun Thun Thun” , as catchy as it may be.  Check out The Money Pillow ( and listen to the interviews.  Sean Malarkey interviews entrepreneurs who took a simple idea, made billions of dollars and no longer have to work.  Seriously, some of these guys only work 5 hours a month.  If that’s not inspiring, man, something’s wrong with you.  

Take help if it is offered: Pride is useless in this case.  This is a time when people want to help.  Take advantage.  I would never have been able to take the classes I need to get ahead if I didn’t ask for help.  I would be living in my car, or worse, in Ohio if I didn’t ask for help.  Someday, that help won’t be there.  Just remember that.

Money has no real power:  It’s just paper after all.  It is a concept.  Once you get a handle on it, you’ll be ok.  Money should never be the catalyst for a break down.  Understand how it works and make it work for you.  You don’t have to cower whenever the Money Monster is brought up.  



You may be broke now, but if you educate yourself and make money your friend, or better yet, your employee, you’ll avoid that poor eternity.  Happy spending!

-Jadey Lady


*DISCLAIMER: I have no interest in harming Will Smith or his family*

Have you ever listened to Will Smith speak about his success? If not, you should.  You absolutely should.  You’ll want to climb Mt. Everest after listening to him speak. Full disclosure, Will Smith isn’t my favorite actor (that spot is reserved for Leo.  I’m not ashamed to admit it) but I have a large amount of admiration and respect for him.  What makes him so successful?  Let’s ask him:


Work ethic!  Man!  I wish I had cultivated that at a much younger age.  I’d be Tyra Banks successful by now if I had taken fewer naps or watched fewer seasons of Family Guy on Netflix.  Success takes work.  Once you not only learn that, but accept it and live it, you’ll be lightyears closer to your ideal.

Lady Lesson #5: Kill Will!

Before you get all mishuga, listen to the man.


Now, I didn’t come up with the phrase ‘Kill Will’.  I have one of my classmates to thank for this.  He and his friends have developed this motivational phrase which basically translates to “I’m going to work my a** off harder than anyone else.”  Will’s going to outrun me or die trying? Ha.  Push harder, don’t let him win.

I know some people may take this the wrong way (hopefully not Mr. Smith if he ever gets wind of this.  I’m a nice girl I swear!) but it really struck a powerful chord with me.  Kill Will means always doing your best.  Kill Will means not being afraid to push yourself beyond your limits.  Kill Will means having a goal that means so much to you, you won’t let anything, anything get in the way of reaching it.  Failure is not an option.

This is the first time in my life I actually see what I want to do as a possibility and I feel truly passionate and capable.  It’s not just a hobby or a pipe dream or something I told myself I wanted to do in order to get through those long days at school.  Do I know all the steps I need to take? No.  Is my work ethic solid and “sickening” yet? No.  Will I quit? No!  I am inspired and excited and working harder than I ever have in my life.  When I get lazy, I tell myself ‘Kill Will, Kill Will’.  It keeps me motivated and keeps me moving.

As always, this is not an instant fix for my motivational problems.  This is not a habit for me yet.  I still have my off days.  Change don’t come easy!  The key is being aware and staying on track without beating myself up too harshly if I slip.  That’s not to say it’s okay to baby myself.  Will’s sickening work ethic would be nothing if he didn’t have high standards for himself.  I’m raising my standards.  I’m becoming stronger because of it.

So, okay Mr. Smith.  Treadmill next to you is open?  Let’s do this!

Kill Will.

Check out Will Smith being interviewed by Tavis Smiley:

-Jadey Lady