This past weekend was my LAVersary.  December 28th marked the three year mark of me moving to LA.  I had every intention of writing on that day but I’m glad I got held up because now I see how close my LAVersary is to New Year’s Eve.  It’s pretty close.  So of course, I’m thinking about time and how much I’ve accomplished and how much time I have left in life to accomplish more things.  Time makes me weary if I sit and think about it so I’ve accepted time for what it is.  If I could give any advice to the young whipper snappers out there who are about to enter this surreal state of post graduate “bliss”, it is this:

Lady Lesson # 30: Time Passes QUICK.  Deal With It.  Make The Most Of It.

I’m pretty sure just yesterday was January 2012 and the day before that was sometime in 2011.  So much has happened in the last three years and I remember it all as if it just happened.  On the other hand, there are even more events I have forgotten about, yet if I sit there and remember them, it will blow my mind.  Yes it’ll make sense that three years have gone by, but it will still blow my mind.  

Once I graduated college and moved out here to be a “grown up”, time started passing what seemed to be ten times quicker than before.  Now I realize that it felt that way because I got so caught up in the day to day.  Between going to work, cleaning my apartment, feeding myself and being too tired to do anything else that didn’t involve the words “dirty martini” I didn’t have time to do much else besides the basics.  So before I knew it, poof, another week gone.  Just like that, a month passed.  And wouldn’t you know? The next year was quickly approaching.  

I realize I spent more time worrying about how much time has gone by instead of truly, fully appreciating what happened.  I mean in three years I have:
-moved 4 times
-held 7 different jobs including Shot Girl ::shudder:: and Princess Jasmine
-lost a few friends
-gained a few friends
-Attended 5 weddings
-Participated in 3 weddings (including Maid of Honor what what!)


*two of the brides have already had babies.  One is pregnant with her second. Now if you wanna feel old…

-got my first hair cut
-started doing yoga
-discovered the Megabus to Vegas is only 50 bucks round trip
-watched Zoe go from
Image to Image 
Now if that don’t make you feel ancient…

-attended PlayHouse West for 9 months and gained an acting family
-ended two relationships
-got two new family tattoos

-filmed two commercials
-performed in 3 shows, one of which I choreographed for, 2 of which I sang in

-got offered a part in a show with the most inspirational group of women
-replaced the transmission on my car
-filled 2.5 journals
-lost 15 pounds
(move in day)
(a few weeks ago with King of the World, Seth)

-lost my father
-lost myself
-gained a new appreciation for my amazingly strong family

-gained clarity and optimism

Time goes by quickly.  

So take some time to appreciate the present moment.  It is all you’ll have.  Don’t get caught up in the mundane, the day to day. It will eat you alive and spit you out as a bewildered 70 year old.  Live in the moment, for the moment and you will always have plenty of time.

Happy New Year readers.  Love.

-Jadey Lady